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1. Q: What is EFT’s program?

A: EFT is an e-Commerce publicly traded company, and it was founded in 1998 (Business License Number 56-2310025). EFT has a tradition of identifying high value products including health care, anti-aging skin care, natural cosmetics, automotive, communications and traveling services. EFT‘s consumers are from more than 100 countries. All products are manufactured in the U.S.A, and sent directly to their house via EMS.


2. Q: Is EFT legal in China?

A: EFT is an American based company selling globally via the internet. Consumers in any country have the fundamental right to purchase goods from a foreign company. No monthly requirementno inventory, no resale obligation, and it is completely legal.


3. Q: How to order EFT Company’s products?

A: Please fax the form including your name, address, sponsor’s ID (left or right) and the products you want to purchase to the U.S. Fax number: 001-626-581-0377 or 001-626-236-5730. Remittances should be in U.S. Dollars.


4. Q: How to use the ID number to view Web page and individual performance?

A: Add the first letter of your last name before your ID number. For example: Gao DaQuan, ID number is 200015, so the user name of access is G200015.


5. Q: How to use Email to place an order

A: In order to ensure the timely and effective manner to place an order, EFT does not recommend the use of Email. If you have any questions, please email to: Consumers should view personal information online every time with each order, and fax to the company immediately if you need to correct an error.


6. Q: If consumers sign up online, and make an error with their left or right placement, can they change by themselves?
A: No.


7. Q: What is KSA?

A: KSA is an international organization and it certifies that the products for EFT are made under their strict rabbinical supervision and are certified Kosher and Pareve when bearing the KSA symbol of certification. The natural plant materials of EFT products are extracted from the European organic ingredients, easy to absorb, safe and very effective.


8. Q: How does the EFT bonus system avoid a meltdown?

The bonus is protected by the cap calculation; EFT can pay up to 70% of total sales on a weekly basis. Cap will be applied each week for the position earning over 30 cycles. After each ID position has earned $100,000; this position becomes retired. Bonuses are calculated by three stages, so that the bonus payments do not exceed 70%.



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