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#2008 VinegarPill  $40.00 

2008 VinegarPill

Vinegar can help reduce blood cholesterol levels and heart disease risk.  Vinegar pills contain pectin and Acidic Acid, which attaches to cholesterol and carries it out of the body thus decreasing the risk of heart disease.  Vinegar is high in Potassium, and Potassium Foods play a role in reducing heart disease by helping to lower high blood pressure.  Vinegar is sometimes promoted as having a high calcium content.  Many also claim vinegar helps the body absorb this essential mineral from foods in the diet and assist in blood flow

The Benefits of VinegarPill

The effect of the rapid consumption of vinegar within two hours can start the elimination process of pyrogallic acid.  Within three days you will notice fatigue disappearing and the elimination of lactic acid within the muscles to ease pain.  After continues use for one month there should be a reduction in triglycerides, which can be immediately verified through blood testing.

Easy to Eat

One tablet of the acidic acid contained in vinegar is equivalent to on large lemon, we can easily swallow three vinegar pills but it is difficult to eat three lemons.

Sugar Free

VinegarPill can be easily swallowed with water, unlike most liquid vinegar, which must have sugar, added which could cause obesity.

Easy to Carry

Compared to liquid vinegar VingerarPill is to carry.  Before a big meal simply swallow VinegarPill as a convenient way to help lose or control weight.

How to use the VinegarPill

1. Take two VinegarPill after meals; reduce the dosage if you feel uncomfortable.  You may gradually increase to a maximum of four tablets
2. Taking VinegarPill after meals will help with digestion and may also help with the reduction in acid which is know to cause heartburn. 
3. Different doses for different results:
Rapid Improvement: Take four tablets immediately after each meal.   
Maintenance Program:  Take two tablets immediately after each meal.                            

Why use Vinegar

1. Helps to prevent diabetes
2. Purification of the blood
3. Reduces muscle fatigue
4. Help with the prevention of Gout
5. Easing of gastrointestinal discomfort
6. Assist in calcium absorption
7. Assist in digestion
8. Helps in removing fat from the body
9. Helps in the prevention of colds and flu
10. Adds to the improvement of overall skin tone






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