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Save 50% of your cleaning time
Save 90% on cleaning products
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100% readily biodegradable - non toxic - non caustic
- non pollutant - non flammable - non-rusting

This wonderful, amazing cleaner is the original formula, which was first manufactured in 1983 and has been available primarily to the industrial user until July of 1997. A partial client list is Tri-Met (Portland Oregon's Municipal Bus Service) for 16 years. Northwest Natural Gas Company, Portland General Electric Company; 1,000's of Restaurants, Hotels, Meat Packing Plants, Dairies, Public School Districts, Hospitals, Breweries and many more.


  • Apply product - then allow work time

  • Hot water or heated surfaces speeds cleaning action of NATURAL CLEAN. Heat oven, BBQ grills or engines to be cleaned to 150 degrees before beginning cleaning operations.

  • When deodorizing, allow 10 minutes set time for NATURAL CLEAN to neutralize odor

  • Scrubbing with a green pad may be necessary for stubborn stains and heavily soiled surfaces

KITCHENS: (ovens) heat oven to 150 degrees - spray with HEAVY NATURAL CLEAN - wait 10 -15 minutes, wipe down, use a green pad for tough area. Clean grease build-up on kitchen range burners, and drip pans, quickly by using the dip tank method, using HEAVY mixture.

Dip TANK CLEANING METHOD: Fill a container with NATURAL CLEAN HEAVY. Place container on stove or hot plate and heat just below boiling. Place items to be cleaned in mixture - leave items in solution to soak until they are clean. Light scrubbing with brush or scrub pad may be necessary. This method works for engine parts, kitchen utensils, pots and pans (also will remove paint from door knobs etc.) jewelry (do not clean opals, pearls or turquoise.)

NOTE: When cleaning aluminum pots and pans - leave in solution just long enough to clean- about 1 minute is all it takes.

BATH: (Cleaning the shower for the 1st time) spray NATURAL CLEAN HEAVY on entire surface to be cleaned (from bottom up) allow set time, making sure surface stays wet. Scrubbing with appropriate scrub pad may by necessary on first time cleaning - rinse. Maintenance cleaning of shower - MEDIUM strength will prevent soap from buildup in shower. NOTE: Maintenance cleaning is spraying the shower 1 time per week with MEDIUM NATURAL CLEAN for every person that uses the shower.

LAUNDRY: Pre-spot, may be used on any fabric that can be cleaned with water. Test for color fastness in an inconspicuous area, Spray stain with NATURAL CLEAN HEAVY strength, allow set time, and launder as usual. Hint: old stains: spray with HEAVY strength and allow to soak overnight before laundering. Boost cleaning power of laundry detergent. Reduce laundry detergent by 50%. ADD 1/4 cup of NATURAL CLEAN concentrate to medium laundry load. ADD 1/3 cup NATURAL CLEAN concentrate to large laundry load. NATURAL CLEAN added to your laundry - eliminates the need for hazardous chlorine bleach. Never use bleach with NATURAL CLEAN as they will neutralize each other.

GARAGE, PATIOS, POOLS, HOT TUBS and LAWN EQUIPMENT: HEAVY Strength - Degreasing tools ¡V Engines - Lawn equipment - Deodorizing garbage - Oil spots from concrete - Algae and moss from sidewalks/patios or asphalt; Rinse with water after removing oil spot. MEDIUM Strength (General clean-up) Wood decks - Wood/tile roof shingles - Painted surfaces on lawn equipment - Patio furniture - Body oils from hot tubs - Pool/hot tub covers, Ponds/ fountains. NOTE: DO NOT USE NATURAL CLEAN CONCENTRATE on composition roof shingles.

SPOT REMOVAL FROM FURNITURE & CARPET: Apply mixed cleaner to spot; thoroughly saturate, For old stains, allow set time of 3-5 minutes. Remove stain and cleaner with WET absorbent cloth towels (not paper) or extract with a carpet cleaning machine, Old stains - set time should be increased to 10 minutes. Old pet stains may need to be cleaned from back of carpet or carpet pad. Important: Test all fabrics for color fastness in an inconspicuous area. Dye in color-fast fabrics, carpets or upholstery will not be effected

METHOD FOR CLEANING CARPETS: Add 2 ounces per gallon of hot water to your carpet cleaning machine tank. Clean carpets according to machine manufactures instructions. NOTE: A de-foamer may be necessary the first time you clean your carpet with NATURAL CLEAN (removes old soap film). Carpets that have been cleaned with just NATURAL CLEAN do not need defoamer.

Apply MEDIUM strength on exposed skin or clothing before going outside. Spray PATIOS or pour mixed cleaner on all patio or deck surfaces to repel flies, mosquitoes and other insects. Spray LIGHT strength directly on flowers, or houseplants.

AUTOMOBILE, RV¡¦S, AND BOAT DETAILING: HEAVY strength: on Engines - Whitewall tires - Fender wells - Removing tree sap ¡V Tar - Mineral deposits - Pet odors - Heavy deodorizing - Boat bottoms. MEDIUM strength: Vinyl interiors - Canvas tops - Carpet spotting - Carpet cleaner. LIGHT strength: Carpet cleaner. SUPER LIGHT strength: Glass ¡V Windows - All plastic windows.

CONTINUAL CLEANING OF BOAT BILGES: Add pint of concentrate for every 50 gallons of water.

DEODORIZING OF RV¡¦s HOLDING TANKS: Add 1 cup of concentrate to a 50 gallon holding tank.

HANDYMAN HINTS: Mix 1 ounce NATURAL CLEAN concentrate into1gal of paint before applying, for a smoother finish. Mix 1 ounce NATURAL CLEAN concentrate into 1 gallon of mixed sheetrock mud, fixall or concrete. Aids in mixing and eliminates lumps. Spray medium strength on wallpaper to speed removal. Use HEAVY strength to remove paint splatters, even after drying on carpets and other surfaces. MEDIUM strength before paint is dry, for removal. NOTE: Refer to "Dip tank Cleaning Method" for quick removal of many layers of paint on door plates, knobs, hinges, etc.

GIVE THIS A TRY: In place of dangerous pesticides; spray light strength NATURAL CLEAN on houseplants, gardens, kitchen insects, flies, fleas, and ants.

¡E Use MEDIUM strength in place of flea dip for pets; also can be used as pet shampoo.
¡E Use LIGHT strength as a vegetable and fruit wash.
¡E Use SUPER LIGHT strength to wash a car, window, glass, vinyl and floors.


To take the guesswork out of Mixing - Use Pre-marked spray bottles for HEAVY, MEDIUM, and LIGHT strength

HEAVY - add 7-oz. concentrate to 1 qt. of water
MEDIUM - add 2 oz. concentrate to 1qt. of water

LIGHT - add 1/2 oz. concentrate to 1 qt. of water
SUPER LI. - add 1/4 oz. concentrate to 1 qt. water

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Natural Clean #6001    

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