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EFT Fountain Of Youth


EFT has created a regimen (Fountain Of Youth) by using only the highest technologies to deliver the best nutrients and anti-aging devices that are vital for healthy skin. In our EFT cocktail, which is a formula present in almost all of our products, we include ten oriental herb and fruit extracts, each aiding to replenish the skin in its own way. Because of the variety of healthy ingredients we use combined with advanced technologies, EFT (Fountain Of Youth) leave your skin smooth, young, and better than ever.

EFT(Fountain Of Youth) Cocktail

EFT cocktail includes a synergistic blend of 10 Oriental Herbs with skin brightening, cleaning, and anti-wrinkle effects. Ingredients include Wild Strawberry Fruit, Chinese Matrimony Vine, Licorice, Maesil (Ume) Fruit, Camellia Tea, Black Rice, Cucumber Fruit, Cudrania Tricuspidata Bark, Uuron-cha Ekisu and Pear Fruit.

 Stunning results are obtained when using EFT(Fountain Of Youth) products that include

EFT cocktail as an active ingredient.

Science and technology applied in this EFT Fountain Of Youth

-         nanotized encapsulation delivery system

-         delay delivery system

-         multiple layer's naotized liposome delivery system

-         aquasome delivery system

-         liposome delivery system.

These delivery systems encapsulation achieve the following benefits:

-Protection of all active ingredients from oxidation, light, heat and the chemical interaction with the other active ingredients

-Enhancing stability and overall performance, maintaining original potency

-Keeps unstable ingredients like Vitamin c, Retinol (Vitamin A) etc, become stable and active

-Improves and maintains bio-activity of active ingredients for the deepest level of penetration into skin cells

-Progressive release of the active ingredients allowing constant Cosmoceutical actions

EFT Product Info

EFT(Fountain Of Youth)Purifying Cleanser (4001-1) This creamy foam cleanser will illuminate your skin. Its fresh formula gently dissolves skin impurities to cleanse your complexion, leaving your skin soft, radiant and healthy-looking.

Removes dirt, make-up, sebum and environmental pollutants known to clog pores and age skin. Moisturize as it cleanses while preserving skin�s natural lubricants. Restores and renews quality of skin.

DIRECTIONS: Apply a small amount onto your face avoiding the eye area and gently massage in a circular motion for one minute. Rinse with lukewarm water.

EFT(Fountain Of Youth)Rehydating Toner (4001-2) This gentle toner helps control oil breakouts and cleanses skin that surrounds the T-zone. Remove flakes from skin�s surface to soften and smooth, revealing clearer skin.

It restores the skin�s delicate equilibrium while providing essential hydration. It completes the cleansing process by removing excess residue caused by outside agents from your face. This toner prepares your skin for enhanced absorption of your moisturizer. Tones, tightens, reduces excess oil, and helps balance pH of the skin.

DIRECTIONS: Spray entire face and gently rub with fingertips. Use morning and night after cleansing.

EFT(Fountain Of Youth)Hydrodermo Moisturizer (4001-3) - is a cooling and soothing formula that replenishes the skin with all the moisture and nutrients that are necessary. Unlike many moisturizing products, this is oil-free and non-greasy; instead, it leaves the skin unbelievably soft and with a silky finish.

Using new and improved technologies, this moisturizer incorporates a skin-delivery system with nano-sized aquasomes that prevent water loss by forming a moisture-gel network over the surface of the skin. The moisture in this product is able to penetrate even the smallest pores in the skin, which allows for the reparation of dry patches and skin that becomes easily dehydrated.
This formula also uses Aloe Vera Gel for soothing, Betaine and Na-Hyaluronate for moisturizing, and Acetyl Hexapeptide-3, green tea extract, and jojoba for anti-aging.

DIRECTIONS: For best results, apply to dry skin twice a day. 

EFT(Fountain Of Youth)Hydrodermo Moisturizer

The Aquasome delivery vehicle technology we have developed for the EFT(Fountain Of Youth) Hydrodermo Moisturizer will allow for the fine-grained and time-release delivery of moisturizer to your skin. The result is a non-greasy, complete moisturizer solution for your skin. A thin film of our moisturizer will prevent air pollution from reaching the skin and also prevent moisturizer from evaporating from the skin. The moisturizer utilizes molecules from 50 nanometers to 500 nanometers in size.

EFT(Fountain Of Youth)EGF Serum (4001-4) - EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor) is best known for its ability to simulate cell growth and proliferation. EGF Serum helps plump fine lines and wrinkles, as well as repair damaged skin and soften scar tissue.

EGF is the single most important substance for development and maintenance of both the epidermis and dermis. It is a protein that works to heal and repair the stratum corneum by directly stimulating proliferation of growth-factor receptors. The EGF Serum has been formulated to help repair and heal damaged skin and soften scar tissue. EGF Serum heals damaged skin, caused by the constant use of AHA products or other skin stressers.

DIRECTIONS: Apply carefully with fingertips to entire face daily. Apply to neck and chest as desired. 

EFT(Fountain Of Youth)Lecithin Day Cream (4001-5AM) Formulated for all skin types. This light cream provides lasting moisture as it preserves the skin's youthful appearance, leaving skin soft and supple. This cream glides on smoothly and absorbs quickly. Loaded with antioxidants, your complexion will have a fresh and healthy glow.

This formula contains many simultaneously high-performance ingredients that will produce a regenerative effect like no other. This cream allows for immediate and significant wrinkle reduction.

DIRECTIONS: Apply a thin layer every morning to a well cleansed face, neck and eye area.

What's the Natural Based Delivery System ?

The formulation made by Natural plant ingredients is based on Unilamellar Liposome

(50-500nm) which is similar to skin.

EFT(Fountain Of Youth)Revitalizing Night Cream (4001-5PM) - Revitalizing Night Cream acts as a revitalizer, moisturizer, and brightener that refreshes the skin at night and prepares it for a perfect complexion during the daytime. The night cream involves both a specialized drug delivery system and retinol delivery system, which allows each layer of the skin to receive the specific nourishment it needs.

These systems are beneficial because the nutrients in the night cream can be slowly absorbed into different layers of the skin in distinct time increments. The advantages of this are a greater moisturizing effect, better skin affinity and penetration, and longer-lasting anti-aging effects. The retinol delivery system also prevents wrinkles, making this night cream ideal for a

clear, youthful skin the next day.

DIRECTIONS: At night, apply night cream all over face with light upward motion.

EFT(Fountain Of Youth)Revitalizing Night Cream

Our night cream has a unique delivery system that utilizes differently sized molecules which can deliver distinct components that affect different layers of the skin.

Each molecule has multiple layers consisting of the following active ingredients
Hydrophobic (3rd. Layer) : Retinol, Phytospingosine, Lecithine, Tocopheryl acetate.
Hydrophilic (2nd. Layer) : Na-Hyaluronate, EFT(Fountain Of Youth) Cocktail (include 10 kinds of plant ext.), Betaine.

EFT(Fountain Of Youth)Red Wine Masque (4001-6) - Red Wine Masque is a fusion of many healthy and nutrient-enriched ingredients that makes for a relaxing, yet extremely restorative treatment. It acts to relieve the effects of stress and UV rays, as well as the consequences that drinking and smoking may have on the skin.
This formula, besides just red wine and pomegranate, also includes numerous fruit extracts, which removes dead skin cells, allowing all nutrients to penetrate deep into the skin. Because the red wine contains Polyphenol, Tannins, and other similar minerals, it is able to inhibit oxidation, thus preventing wrinkling and aging. On the other hand, the pomegranate is as much essential as it is complimentary, providing an astringent effect that cleanses and nourishes, while the clay is able to hydrate the face.
The Red Wine Pomegranate Clay Mask is easy to use- Apply to clean skin up to twice a week. After evenly smoothing a generous amount over the face (carefully avoiding the eyebrows, hairline, eyes, and mouth areas), leave on for 10 minutes, and then rinse off thoroughly. After usage, the skin will be rejuvenated and refreshed.

DIRECTIONS: Apply generous amount once or twice a week onto face evenly avoiding eyebrows, hairline, eyes and mouth area. Leave on for 10 -15 minutes and rinse off thoroughly with lukewarm water.

EFT(Fountain Of Youth)Red Wine Masque

EFT(Fountain Of Youth)Red Wine Masque cleans pores using fruit and plant extracts. Active ingredients include the use of our EFT(Fountain Of Youth) cocktail to act as an antioxidant to clean your skin. Pomegranate has anti-fungal effect which ensures that your skin will be left silky, clean and rejuvenated.

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