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#4008 Progesterone Cream  $45.00 

Progesterone Effects
Maintains Secretory Endometrium * Protects Against Fibrocystic Breasts * Helps Use Fat for Energy * Natural Diuretic * Natural Antidepressant * Facilitates Thyroid Hormone * Normalizes Blood Clotting * Restore Sex Drive * Normalizes Blood Sugar Levels * Normalizes Zinc and Copper Levels * Restores Proper Cell Oxygen Levels * Prevents Endometrial Cancer * Helps Prevent Breast Cancer * Stimulates Osteoblast Bone Building * Restores Normal Vascular Tone * Necessary for Survival of the Embryo * Presuror of Corticosteroids


After menopause (or after a hysterectomy), women no longer have menstrual periods. Many women apply
Progestone-HP daily for approximately 3 weeks out of the calendar month, on a regular basis. They select either the first 3 weeks or the last 3 weeks of the month, as they prefer. It is important that you discontinue use of Progestone-HP for a week or at least for 4-5 days during each month to help maintain the body's ability to absorb and obtain maximum benefits from the products. Many women begin by using from on-half jar to one whole jar during each month for the first 3 months. After that, depending upon how they feel, they reduce the amount used to one-half jar or even one-quarter jar per month. With vaginal dryness, some women use 1/8 - 1/4 t. intravaginally in place of their daily application or in addition to it.

Many women and some health care professionals report that wild Mexican yam root creams, including Progestone-HP, are effective for strengthening bones and helping to prevent osteoporosis. Although the jury is officially still out on this, there is anecdotal information and reported clinical experience to support this view. For more information about this, consult the suggested reading list below.


Natural Glycerin is used as a moisturizer and humectant to replace moisture in the skin.

Simugel is a plant-based thickener used to give the cream its consistency and smoothness.

Vitamin E is considered the most important oil, soluble antioxidant and free radical scavenger. As a moisturizer, vitamin E is well absorbed through the skin derived from alfalfa and wheat.

Coconut Oil is a clear liquid that is used to dissolve and deliver active ingredients (natural progesteron). It spreads well and has a soft non-greasy feel.

Natural Progesterone is derived from the Mexican Wild Yam root. These sterols are processed through several fermentation steps to yield progesterone, which is identical to progesterone produced by the human body. Heartland Natural Progesterone Cream contains 960mg of natural progesterone per 2-oz. jar.

Aloe Vera Oil has softening, healing, and anti-inflammatory properties. Its moisturizing ability is its most widely recognized characteristic. Aloe Vera oenetrates the skin, supplying moisture directly to the tissue.

Grapefruit Seed Extract is a natural grade preservative.

Vitamin A is known as a skin "normalizer". It acts as an anti-keratinizing agent, helping the skin stay soft and plump. Clinical studies with Vitamin A indicate a significant change in collagen, DNA, skin thickness, and elasticity. Vitamin A's stability is superior to retinol.

Wild Yam Since ancient times, women have used plant medicines to regulate and reduce menstrual pains, ease childbirth, increase fertility. North American Indian women have been using wild yam for centuries as a fertility rememdy and for its beneficial effects on the reproductive system in general. The Aztecs of Mexico called it Chipahuacxihuitl (which means "The Graceful Plant") and used it for its skin-rejuvination properties: the Chinese, who call wild yam the "elixir of lie" use it to this day to gently stimulate liver functions. We often forget that modern medicine still derives all of its ingredients from nature. In the forties, when scientists were researching birth control remedies, they discovered that wild yam, like many other plants, contain plant saponins, components closesly resembling human hormones. This discovery explained their longstanding use and effectiveness in treating "female problems".

Cramp Bark is used as an antidote to muscular spasms of any kind, epileptic seizures, all types of nervous disorders, severe menstrual pain during periods, and labor pain during birth. Cramp Bark is an excellent uterine sedative and is the best relaxant for the ovaries and uterus.

Sarsaparilla contains vitamins A, B complex, C and D, as well as the minerals iron, manganese, sodium, silicon, sulfur, copper, zinc, and iodine. Sarsaparilla contains the amino acid methionine and cyctein.Sarsaparilla helps strengthen the nerve fibers and tissue of the brain, spinal cord, lungs, and throat, and is especiially good for removing heavy metallic contaminants from the blood, which are received through the nostrils in the foul, smog filled air of urban areas.

Carrot Oil has been used since the sixteenth century for skin disease due to its believed cleansing, depressive, and draining properties, This carotene-rich emollient has been indicated for acen skin rashes, and wrinkles; derived from the carrot root.

Lemon Grass Oil is an astringent and tonic distilled from the leaves of the lemon grasses.


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