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#2004 Rooibos Tea  $40.00 

Rooibos Tea #2004

In South Africa, Rooibos Tea has been referred to as a "miracle tea." It has been effective for health and beauty, and why should this tea be referred to as miracle tea?

In recent years it has been proven that Rooibos Tea contains the SOD action (anti oxidation action). This discovery helped solve the mystery of this tea. SOD seems to be very effective in prevention of aging and improvement of beauty. On this subject there have been many international conferences held around the world, and medical scientists have taken a strong interest on SOD.

SOD is the very substance that has been spotlighted for several years as the "enzyme for preventing aging." During research, it was discovered that Rooibos Tea has the same substance as SOD. The secret of the "miracle tea" which has been talked about for many years, has turned out to be the SOD-like action. Rooibos Tea (Aspalathus linealis) contains the same effective substance as SOD. A test proving this was conducted by Dr. Toshikazu Yoshikawa os Kyotofu Medical college. Dr. Yoshikawa is a leading scientist in the study of active oxygen. He has been responsible of organizing many international academic conferences. He is one of the most remarked scientists today. The following is Dr. Yoshikawa's comments:

This is how we determined that EFT Rooibos Tea contains the SOD like action. In order to prove that EFT Rooibos Tea has the same action as SOD, we used an EST spectrometer which can directly measure the amount of magnetic energy in active oxygen.

The EST graphs show the specific signals which are shown below when active oxygen is detected. Whenever EFT Rooibos Tea has the SOD like action, the signal waves become smaller since the amount of active oxygen lessens. A result of experiments shows that when compared with the case where no EFT Rooibos Tea has been added (as the top signal shows), EFT Rooibos Tea shows a strong antioxidant action (which works to neutralize active oxygen).Official Certification of SOD Action in EFT Rooibos Tea.

Top: The wave of active oxygen displays larger.
Bottom: EFT Rooibos Tea neutralizes active oxygen;
thus' the wave becomes les than half of the above.

Aspalathus linealis (EFT Rooibos Tea) has been proved to have 50 times more anti oxidation action than green tea! Test done by the University of Kumamoto, Department of Medicine.

EFT Rooibos Tea is also called "Asphalathus linealis". Dr. Hiroshi Meada of the University of Kumamoto, Department of medicine, proved that this asphalathus linealis contains far more anti oxidation action than any other drinks available.

It has been known that some drinks such as teas contain anti oxidation action. However, compared with these drinks, Asphalatus linealis contains much stronger anti oxidation action and is capable of preventing fat to change into lipid peroxide. Dr. Hiroshi Meada is a leading scientist in the study of the effect active oxygen and super radical have on an organism.

Disclaimer:These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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