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FastTeam Plus #1001  $35.00 

Today, with the high cost of Gas, FastTeamPlus1 will help you save money every day on your gas.

...Putting Money in Your Pocket and keeping your Family Safe !

30 Day Money Back Guarantee !

Just drop in a few tablets per gas tank, FastTeamPlus1 is a newly developed fuel additive that acts as a lubricant and cleaning compound and has been found to significantly improve gas mileage and performance and reduce smog in all gasoline powered engines.


AirClean PowerAdd was tested under rigid conditions by the California Environmental Protection Agency and The Vehicle Engineering Department at Chung Cheng Institute of Technology in Taiwan. Both research facilities demonstrated that AirClean PowerAdd worked best with older, under-powered cars, marine engines, generators, lorries or trucks. In fact, AirClean PowerAdd was shown to increase gas mileage by 15%.

In addition, AirClean PowerAdd also helps protect the engine and other internal parts of a car from normal wear and tear, making it run smoother and last longer.


The name, AirClean PowerAdd, describes the unique and positive changes that occur in older cars that have been driven over 20,000 miles. Under normal maintenance, ash, carbon and other wastes build up in the piston chamber, reducing engine efficiency. These ash residues often cause engines to "ping" at lower octane levels. By adding tablets of AirClean PowerAdd directly to the gas tank, the engine is coated with the organic material in AirClean PowerAdd which coats the spongy ash, thus prohibiting it, from producing smog components.


In a typical engine, FasTeamPlus1/ "AirClean PowerAdd" reduces carbon monoxide and oxides of nitrogen from 15% to 23% and reduces unburned hydrocarbons up to 26%!

With one treatment in your fuel, smog emissions are reduced by approximately one quarter. This will qualify an old car to meet, for example, the California emissions standards for a smog certificate, which often costs hundreds of dollars to PASS. AirClean PowerAdd will eliminate most difficulties in qualifying older cars for smog certification.


Unlike other gas additives, you can be assured that AirClean PowerAdd is 100% non-toxic to humans, animals and plant life. It is safe because it is not made from petroleum distillates. AirClean PowerAdd is so safe that extensive toxicity permits are not required for production nor is it necessary to issue warnings to consumers.

Other fuel additives cannot make this claim.

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