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#3002 Super Re-vitl-izer  $40.00 

  Super Re-vitl-izer # 3002

Fast Energy & Stress Relief !
All Natural: Pure nutrients. No drugs !
Convenient: No water required !
Economical: Just pennies a day !
Fast Acting: Acts within 60 seconds !

<<< It's great to be Stress Free & have Lot's of Energy at the same time!

"Our Products are Kosher Certified"

What is in Super Re-VITAL-izer?
Super Re-VITAL-izerr contains a balanced combination of Vitamins A & E, the B-Complex vitamins, several anti-oxidants & amino acids, and ATP: adenosine triphosphate. In fact, Super Re-VITAL-izerr provides over 1000% of the Daily requirement for B-12, a nutrient in which most of us are deficient. (No more B-12 shots required).

Super Re-VITAL-izer® provides:

STRESS Relief - with a B-12 boost of energy
Chemical Stress - alcohol, tobacco, legal drugs, etc.
Physical Stress - workouts, trips, jet lag, sleeplessness
Mental Stress - worry, anxiety, depression, anticipation
(Take 4 to 8 sprays during time of STRESS.
Take again 2 to 4 minutes later).

- Helps restore drinking-impaired
motor facilites, - in minutes! (which is reflected
also in a Breathalyzer test). Helps stop "alcohol
breath"! Helps prevent hangovers. (After drinking,
take 4 sprays for each drink. Take a deep,
diaphragmatic breath between sprays.
Allow 15 to 20 minutes for full effect).

BREATH Relief - STOPS offensive breath due to:

<< ONIONS, etc.


Super Re-vitalizer. INGREDIENTS

(1 daily Serving = 3 Sprays)

Vitamin B3 (5.0mg-25%)Vitamin A (3600 IU-68%), Vitamin D (400 IU-100%), Vitamin E (7 IU-20%), Vitamin B6 (2.0mg-100%),Vitamin B1 (1.5mg-100%),Vitamin B12 (6mcg-100%), Ginkgo Biloba (100mcg), Stevia (3mg) ATP:Adenosine Triphosphate(1.5)mg), Grape Seed Extract(11.0mg)

In a base of: Purified Deionized Water, Vegetable Glycerin, "Ionic Trace Minerals" Natural Flavoring, Grapefruit Extract, Potassium Sorbate.

Excerpt from a letter by a grateful customer whose mother had been given painful B-12 shots for years¡K

"My mother has Pernicious Anemia. After using Super Re-VITAL-izer for 30 days she was able to discontinue her prescription vitamins, shots, hormones and antibiotics. After 3 more months of Super Re-VITAL-izer and no medications, her blood test values were either similar or superior to previous tests when she was on all those medications and shots."

"Why do doctors continue to prescribe expensive organ-damaging pills and painful needles, when a simple, safe, inexpensive, painless spray in the mouth is so beneficial?"

Mark Cervenka, Plano, Texas

Super Re-VITAL-izer

Comes in a convenient pocket-sized pump-spray bottle containing a 30 day supply.

Disclaimer:These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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