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#3013 SlumberPlus  $40.00 

Earn slum Plus (SlumberPlus) # 3013 

* Rapid effect 
* Natural ingredients 
* Ease 
* Economic 
* Hyanggeutham: chocolate mint flavor 
Earn slum Plus (SlumberPlus) using the body to rest and enjoy a good deep REM sleep. This product is natural that you take plenty of rest to help develop a special oral spray. Earn slum Plus (SlumberPlus) the main ingredient (and effect) are as follows: 

Melatonin: This is an important hormone therapy has long been used for insomnia. To this effect, thanks to the camera Antonine insomnia patients revealed a 60% chance the other hand, recent studies carried out according to the anti-aging therapy, people over the age of 40 of this hormone is more effective in the anti-aging treatment. 

5-HTTP: (5 - hydroxy tryptophan), which is extracted from the seeds of the West African plants as a natural amino acid complex that works by increasing the amount of serotonin, so RAM deep (REM) sleep and plenty of rest will help. And numerous studies, 5-HTP 5-HTP and promoter of clinical depression, anxiety and aggressive Giving has proven to significantly reduce. In addition to clinical studies, 5-HTP supplied haejumyeon anxiety disorders, particularly panic disorder and agoraphobia associated with the onset of serotonin activity in the brain that has proven helpful in response. And 5-HTP to treat clinical depression in traditional therapy (using lithium or MAO inhibitors) used together even if the effect is not suppressed, but rather the effect is even better. Therefore, this component is needed to live a healthy life and relax in a deep sleep can not be used to reduce depression and anxiety make effective and safe. Looking chemical, 5-HTTP is chemically L-tryptophan and serotonin Fripp belong to an intermediate stage. And recent scientific research has more than 30 years, millions of people around the world for the treatment of insomnia and wooeuljeung been using in place of L-tryptophan 5-HTTP Fripp recommends that you use. 

Watch Flower Extract: Watch as flowers flowering perennial plant that is 10 feet or more in length, and the southeastern United States to Argentina and Brazil in the area that is indigenous to the area. It is cultivated as a garden plant and in Europe, and especially effective for insomnia and nervous hysteria has been used in folk medicine for a long time. In general, mature fruit harvested twice a year after that dried flower extracts indicate that these ingredients. 

Tarragon: Tarragon is a flowering deciduous plant that is approximately 3.5 feet in length and width. (About once a year), harvested at the end of period, leaved flowering branches, carefully picked tarragon leaves dry. Tarragon grows native plants in Russia and Mongolia, as good as a hub in the region and has been used in cooking for centuries. 

Hop extracts: The plant is a perennial vine that a length of 6 feet (12 feet at harvest time), and a very bitter taste, and exudes a strong odor distinctive namyeo. Flower seeds are mature and complete, or do not hop out before the female flower cones (contains a small number of seeds) should be sampled. Hop is indigenous to Europe, but in Asia, Europe and the world are grown. Centuries, and it has been used as a sedative-induced sleep. 

Common valerian root extract: common valerian mixed with the pink and white flowering plants as its length is 4 to 5 feet. And the plants are mainly grows in all regions of Europe and Asia. The roots of this plant for use mainly in Europe, the United Kingdom, France, Eastern Europe, Japan, and the United States are grown in. In general, the roots are harvested in September and malrimyeo kick alcohol extracts from the roots. For centuries in Europe, the common valerian root anxiety, sleep disorders, anxiety, excitement has been used to treat conditions. 

Note: This is a Food and Drug Administration (Food and Drug Administration) is not evaluated by. This product is in disease diagnosis and treatment, not for prevention.


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