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#2001 Super Hydro-Oxy Cellfood  $45.00 

SHOCN is an exclusive, super-energized colloidal mineral concentrate, containing a proprietary blend of deionized water, electrolytes, dissolved oxygen, 78 essential elements, 34 enzymes, 17 amino acids, and is capable of delivering them to every cell in the human body. • SHOCN works by separating and releasing the oxygen and the hydrogen elements in your water. This makes both of these elements available in greater amounts in your bloodstream, which helps your body absorb more nutrients at the cellular level. Because of these unique properties, SHOCN is far superior to other traditional colloidal mineral formulas. • SHOCN helps revitalize the human body. Because it contains fluid rich in magnesium and causes oxygen to be released into the bloodstream, damaged tissue can be safely and effectively rebuilt and dead cells can be flushed away. Please Note: When first usingSHOCN you may experience symptoms of detoxification, such as headaches, achiness, skin eruptions or reoccurances of past symptoms; this is normal and will pass with continued use.


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