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#4009 Lifting Masque  $60.00 

20 minute

                                                                     Face Lifting Masque

       Formulated for compatibility, the 20 minute Face Lifting Masque has been created to enhance the "Barbara Logan Anti-Aging System" by providing added benefits to reducing the visible signs of aging while lifting, tightening, and refining the pores of the skin.

       For maximum results, use the Masque with the Barbara Logan Anti-Aging System as directed.

       Directions for Use:

       1. Cleanse the face and neck with the "Cleansing Gel".  Rinse thoroughly and leave face and neck moist. 

       2. Pour a small amount of the masque into the palm of your hand.  Moisten fingertips of the other hand and apply masque in an upward and outward motion starting with the d�collet� , moving up to neck, the center of the chin, and over the entire face until all areas are covered with a thin layer of the Masque

        You'll feel tingling to the skin as the circulation is increased and the skin begins to tighten.

         Allow the 20 minute Face Lifting Masque to dry completely to maximize the benefits of the nutrient rich formula.

       3.  Using a warm washcloth, remove Masque.  Rinse and pat dry.  Apply "Rinse & Tone" over entire face and neck. Allow time for product to penetrate into the skin.

       4. Apply "Anti-Aging" serum over face and neck and follow with "Day Radiating Moisturizer" (if using the Masque in the morning), or "Evening Renewal" (if using Masque in the evening.)

       It is recommended that you use the Masque three times per week for the first two weeks and twice weekly thereafter or as needed for a "quick lift ".


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