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#4010 EFT Daily Eye Treatment  $45.00 

If eyes are the window to the soul then the skin around them is the confession of stress, age, diet and more.  Skin care professionals all agree that products specifically created for the eyes are the only way to treat this delicate area. 

EFT Daily Eye Treatment is a soothing and hydrating eye cream that helps reduce puffiness, fine lines and the effects of stress and fatigue.  The combination of Collagen, Elastin, and Camelia Leaf along with Glycolic Acid provides a powerful moisturizer that penetrates deep into the skin. 

EFTs eye cream has been formulated especially for EFT by using ingredients that are only found in fine health spas, doctor’s office and Beverly Hills Boutiques.  You and your eyes will see the difference. 

Massage EFTs eye cream under the brow, on the lid, under the eyes and along the side where we all have those laugh lines.   The best results are visible with regular use morning and at bedtime.  

TIP: Did you know the skin around your mouth is very similar to the area around your eyes? Apply EFT's Daily Eye Treatment all around your mouth to treat those fine lines.

#4010 EFT Daily Eye Treatment    

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