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#4015 Nia Lip Magic  $40.00 

Nia's Lip Magic  has two high power effects- Luster and Shine.  Nia's unique double sided applicator is used by professional make-up artists. One side allows for rich lip color to wear alone while the other end provides an ultra-glossy look.  There are eight different color combinations to create any look you need.  Apply each color alone for glamorous lips or combine the shimmer to intensify color and shine.  The custom designed brush allows for expert application.              

Nia's Lip Magic can be compared to Chanel lip gloss in quality and color…except ours is even better!  Nia's Lip Magic contains soothing and moisturizing ingredients that will keep your lips soft and supple.  The colors are true and long lasting.  The lip gloss glides on easily without a sticky feeling yet provides long lasting color.             

EFT has packaged Nia Lip Magic with two double sided professional applicators.  Colors include Celebration Red with Pink shimmer and Plum Raisin with Peach shimmer.              

It's all about the look. Fashion experts all agree that lip color is the final touch for a beautiful face.  Create your finishing touch for sexy supple lips with Nia's sensual colors. Make your lips luscious and the most kissable yet !  


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