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#4018 Nia 3 Plus 1 Lash & Line  $60.00 

Nia 3 PLUS 1LASH & LINE #4018 Nia has created four choices to define and bring color to lashes that will highlight and dramatize your eyes.  This unique combination cannot be found in a department store. EFT designed 3 PLUS 1 especially for you.  3 plus 1 Lash & Line packs two shades in one sleek tube- dark brown mascara and navy blue mascara. The second tube features black mascara and black eyeliner.  These shades will enhance any eye shape or color.     

You will get the longest lashes possible with Nia's innovative formula that lengthens lashes dramatically. 3 Plus 1 has been formulated similar to Chanel quality.  EFT has used the finest ingredients to separate and coat fine eyelashes.  Long eye lashes have always been the most glamorous fashion statement. Now you too will have glamorous, long lashes like a professional model.       

Nia's mascara will not smudge, flake and never clumps. The eye liner glides on with a fine brush to create thin to bold lines. The mascara does not contain any fibers or fillers. 3 plus 1 is safe for all contact lens wearers.      

Nia's 3 Plus 1 Lash & Line offers the choice of whatever look you want to achieve at a remarkable price.   TIP: When applying mascara, always begin from the root to the tip of the eye lash.TIP:  Hold the wand vertically when applying mascara to the lower lashes.

TIP:  To get more product on the mascara brush try twirling the brush. Pumping it will cause the product to dry out sooner.    



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